You are ready to
grow spiritually

but are not sure how.

Learn how to

Make time

Have a plan

Use accountability

Why does your
Spiritual Growth matter?

Because you are always under attack!

  • When things happen that are out of your control,
    you’ll need a rock to hold on to.
  • When things happen that you should have controlled, but didn’t,
    you’ll need direction on how to get back on track.
  • When things happen to others and you want to help,
    you’ll need strength to help them carry their burdens.

And how you handle "life" when it happens depends on how strong
your relationship with the Lord is.

What do you need to grow spiritually?

When you are tired and weary, the Lord will fill you up with His strength so that you can endure.

Having a focus for your time with the Lord helps you stay committed and intentional about hearing from Him.

It really isn’t as scary as it sounds! Accountibility is meant to encourage, not condem and is very effective when done correctly.

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